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As most of you coming here know, this is an import from otherways, a game on LiveJournal. It was decided to bring the game here in the hopes of increasing play and getting some new blood into the game...

But we didn't want to cut off the LJ game since some people don't want to move.

As such, we're saying that any of the characters being brought from the LJ game have 'shifted' in reality just the tiniest bit to a slightly different version of the bar. None of the events (such as the Tutu and the final defeat of the Tutu) have changed. That said, there will be a few twitches from this change. Some of the characters (such as Seph [insanejournal.com profile] witch_boy) are from the reality that the LJ game shifted into and as such, will be a little confused at the changes. Feel free to have a completely-new-to-otherways character be from the shiftee universe as you like; just make sure you talk to any other shiftee pups who would know you.

The head of security, officially, is Seph McCauley, but he's working things out with [insanejournal.com profile] nightismybeat Nick Knight, who was head of security at the LJ game version.

For reference, the bartender before Ellison in the shiftee universe was Jiraiya from Naruto.

...any questions? Please let me know.



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