Jan. 20th, 2008

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Just a notice, Greg House is on hiatus unless or until Otherways moves to IJ (100 icons free. perm accounts for $40 until March. Paid accuts $10 for 6 months, and 250 icons. It's easy math). I'm focusing my RP energies over there, and have slowly been divorcing myself from LJ recently. I would like to break away completely, and focus all my online journaling and role playing in one place.
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(Alex has pd acct for now, so poll from her)

There's been a suggestion / request from a few players in the game to shift play to InsaneJournal and away from LiveJournal.

Reasons to move? 100 free icons; for now, $40 permanent accounts; other stuff listed in Misha's post below; new folks to ensnare...

Reasons to stay? Everything's already here (though, this can be remedied w/ LJarchive); don't have to make new journals; don't like change...

[Poll #1124672]

We'll leave the poll up until the 26th (Saturday), then the modly types will decide what's the what.



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