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Just a notice, Greg House is on hiatus unless or until Otherways moves to IJ (100 icons free. perm accounts for $40 until March. Paid accuts $10 for 6 months, and 250 icons. It's easy math). I'm focusing my RP energies over there, and have slowly been divorcing myself from LJ recently. I would like to break away completely, and focus all my online journaling and role playing in one place.
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X-mas'y things...

Does someone wanna try to talk scaredy-cat (aka Jarod) into putting up a Christmas tree? (I'd have the blind cop put it up, but it'd be lop-sided and probably decorated in donuts or something *g*)
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So - this came up when I was chatting with Danii the other night. The bar becomes a Haunted House - ideally based on decorations placed around the bar.

So - anyone like this idea? (I make a poll...)

[Poll #1079061]

Other ideas?
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So. My grandfather is in the process of moving on. He's off life support and they're no longer feeding him. It's a matter of time, now. I've made my peace with it, because I don't want him to suffer.

I'm heading to Ohio first thing in the morning. I'm not sure how long I'll be there, or what kind of internet access I might have. Hopefully some kind of net. I suppose I can always use the phone and dial up where ever I am if I must. Hah. But, effectively, my hatus continues until I get home.

I love you all and I miss you muchly! My boys are getting restless inna head.
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Misha and the boys have returned home. The beach was lovely. Beautiful. Perfect. But, as they say, all good things must end.

The night before I left, my grandfather fell and broke his hip. He's had surgery, and now has pnemonia. He is mostly non-responsive. He can't swallow, and he's refusing a feeding tube. We'll know more tomorrow after a doctor evaluates him, but...it's looking like I'm going to be heading to Ohio very soon. He may surprise us, but it's really not looking good.

Meanwhile, I talked to my new principal on Thursday. I'm starting the new job tomorrow morning. Good news is it's the school right around the corner from me. Literally couldn't have asked for a batter placement. I don't drive, see, and it's technically within walking distance, so if there was an emergency or whatever, I *could* walk. I'm moving out of Autism to Mild ID (intellectual disorders) and leaving the K-2 grade level for 3rd - 5th grade. It's going to be quite a change, but I am embracing it.

It's also an early hours school. I'll be working 7:15 to 3:15 now. So, there will be an adjustment there as well. Bear with me. I'm not sure how active I'll be this week, all things considered.

I've decided for my sanity, it's time to drop most of my boys. Greg, obviously, isn't going anywhere. I'm going to keep my new guy, Decker. And Greg's mama is hanging around too. But she's request only, really. And I think I've got to dump everyone else. Or put them on request only too. I've got to cut back somewhere.


Oct. 16th, 2007 08:12 pm
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So, yeah, this guy right here, he'd like to know what's going on this year for Halloween. He's convinced someone in the bar is planning to throw him a party (because that seems to be what people do for his birthday, because they know he hates it sort of) - but beyond that... is Bar freaking people out again? Or is it going to be something completely random? Do we wanna draw costumes out of a hat?

I wanna say Danii mentioned something of an idea at one point, but that could've been waaaaay back at April Fool's Day for all I remember.

Anyone else have thoughts or ideas?
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Hidy all -

I'll be leaving to drive to the land of 'even hotter and more humid than my own hometown' (aka: where Misha lives) on Thursday, heading back to town on Tuesday of next week. Threading / replying / etc may be slow, if happening at all.

So, yeah - I may be around, but I may not... so - don't burn the place down while I'm gone. ;)

Lettie here

Aug. 4th, 2007 12:31 pm
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Okay, this is my generic 'my internet is going to suck for more than a week' post.

Since my mom is a douche and told the cable company we're moving ... Thursday when she start tomorrow, I don't have reliable internet until August 14th.

So. We'll see how much I can get on between then and now, but yes. Don't expect too much of me.
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Just a little PSA from the Misha...I'm heading back to work on Monday. My schedule will be irratic for the week, and then kids come back on the 13th, and while I'll have a set schedule, I'll be slow, slower than usual, while I get reaclimated to working. Going back to work means no LJ access during the day, and I'm not sure about email, since I'll be at a new school and I'm not even sure I'll have a computer, or what kind of access I'll have in any case. (For those who don't know, I'm a special needs assistant teacher at the Kindergarten-Second Grade level)

My new school is one of the later hours schools in the area. I'll be working 8:20-4:20, so I won't get home will almost 5. This seriously messes with my nap schedule, because I used to get home about 3:30 and nap for a couple hours in the afternoon. This means I'm going to have even less time for RP than I've had in previous years. Which means I've got to cut back, across the board. For now, I'm thinking of dropping Crowley, Luke, and Neil. That would leave me with Antonio, Connor, Danny, Greg, Harry (TV), and Julie.
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And now - the backroom has new layout that matches the main comm layout... yay me and 10 minutes of free time! :)

If the font is too difficult for anyone to read - let me know and I'll make adjustments. Really - won't bite. I know screen resolutions and gammas and whatnot are different (unlike the fucks where I work who insist on everything being 900px wide) - and that stuff looks diff to diff ppl - so, PLEASE let me know if you can't read stuff...

It's easy to fix, but me no can fix what me not know is broked. ;)
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Heading up to Lawrence for a few days.

So in the meantime, Murphy is still out of the bar and Sam is in either a corner booth or his room studying any and all texts he can get from the bar on demons and how to destroy them.
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Yes, the main comm has a new layout - [livejournal.com profile] otherways.

One thing I still want to do - add a link to the tags list to the line of links across the top. (I got annoyed at the CSS the other night and gave up trying to figure it out.)

Oh - any thoughts on what to do with the back room? Same layout but with 'backroom' across the banner? A variation on the same layout? Something different?

And, if anyone has need to 'whitetext' on the main page, the html code for the entry bkgrnd color is: #26170a *g*
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Right then. So. I won't be around this weekend. Going concerting. Out all day Saturday and most of Sunday, unless the hotel has high speed, but...even so I likely won't be doing any RP.

This affects Antonio, Blythe, Connor, Crowley, Danny. Greg, TV!Harry, Luke, and Neil
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There were some 'issues' with elwiki, so I've made a new version of the same wiki info over at wikispaces: http://otherways.wikispaces.com/

That one uses the standard wikitext and doesn't allow html, so I had to recode all the pages (that was annoying). I have all of the page data saved, and it *can* be converted back to the elwiki format if I, or anyone else, is so inclined.

Updates: Cast List - pups added, pups removed, etc; Key Plots - plot points added.

The wiki is currently locked so only specified people can edit it (currently, I'm the only one until I talk w/ ye other mod-types), so if anything needs to be added / removed / corrected, please comment here and I'll get to it as soon as I have a chance.
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Danny McCoy is an ex Marine, honorably discharged and presented with a silver star after his actions saved "countless lives". Problem is, his actions lead to the deaths of the men in his command, leaving Lt. McCoy the only survivor. Danny returned to Las Vegas, where he was head of Surveillence and Security at The Montecito, a hotel and casino. Danny fell right back in to step, if a little more vilolent and high strung than before. His boss, Ed Deline, also had Military background, and understood where Danny was coming from.

Ed asked Danny to help him get a friend out of town. In the process, the three are caught in a warehouse bomb. It is at this point that Danny comes to [livejournal.com profile] otherways. He's left with permanent hearing loss due to the blast. He is also suffering PTSD and Survivor's Guilt. He reads lips, so as long as a person is facing him, and speaking clearly, Danny won't have any problem understanding.

He is a highly trained special ops Marine. He's trained in guerilla warefare. He has hand to hand combat training. He's also 6'4" and can take a man down with his bare hands. He's not the sort of guy to mess with.

He's also open to any and all RP/CR. He's new inna headspace, and he needs to play.
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So, this is Bianca.

She used to work for the bureau of Morality. Think a nastier, moral-free version of the FBI (or just the FBI, depending on your opinion of the government). She arranged the massacre of a load of people and she's very much dependent on a drug called Copper. Generally, she's rude, paranoid and quick to anger. She diverges from canon in that instead of fleeing directly ... well, she ended up killing the man supposed to be in charge of her liquidation and stole double the supply of Copper that she'd been intending to.

Right now she's on the run from people who want to kill her, working with the Resistance.


Jun. 23rd, 2007 01:00 am
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It's that time again -

Time for the uber!organizational mod (that'd be me) to pull out the 'comment here if there's something amuck with anything on the cast list'.

The Cast List can be found HERE.

There will be three threads in this post. One for 'remove this journal/pup'; one for 'add this journal/pup'; and one for 'update this journal/pup info'.

When you tag into the threads, please be sure to include the following details:

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I'm not hiatusing or anything, but I wanted to make a PSA because my grandfather has just been outed as suffering Alzheimer's. I say outed, because it's been a suspicion for a while, but there was no official confirmation. But it's progressed to the point that it can't be hidden anymore.

I just saw him in March, when he was in hospital with an unrelated issue. He failed cognitive testing at that time, but no one was brave enough to mention thepossibility of Alzheimers. His sister suffered dementia before her death a few years ago. Apparently his short term memory is pretty well gone, and he's having trouble with basic day to day activities.

I am not taking this news well. It's a little too close to home. My mother is a basket case right now.

I'm making the announcement because...I know I wil be slightly off balance the next few days. We're going to try to find a time in July to go up to Ohio and visit again, hopefully before he doesn't know who we are. The last time we saw my great aunt, she didn't really know us. That was difficult. But I didn't really see Auntie Jo all thagt often anyway. This is my grandpa...

Anyway. I just wanted to let you guys know...If I seem off, don't take it personally.

This affects Antonio, Blythe, Connor, Crowley, Greg, TV!Harry, Julie, Luke,and Neil
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(( this actually may happen a lot with any of my 'doubled-up' pups ))

Michael has a new journal... [livejournal.com profile] i_vanquish_evil

his old one [livejournal.com profile] x_van_helsing_x is still around... just being used over in [livejournal.com profile] mcanallys_pub ;)

(( btw, I *fucking* hate that new LJ's default to the rich text editor ))

new journal

Jun. 2nd, 2007 04:37 pm
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other!Dawn Summers now has her own LJ - she's [livejournal.com profile] au_not_special - clever no? :)

That's the only new thing - all the other stuff is the same.



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