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Oct. 16th, 2005 12:30 pm
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Michael has The Book and he's given it to Stephen... it's also advanced giant plot points... so, things are going to get interesting.
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Harry's found a book. This may not seem all that interesting, HOWEVER, this is not just some random ordinary book. This is THE book that Carl gave Van Helsing over 100 years ago. The one Carl told him to keep, hold onto, leave in his little room in the deep dank basement of the Vatican so there was 'always a piece of him there'. That book. let me guess, you didn't actually READ the OOM's while he was gone, did you? bad bad ppl... you should know that with a plot this large there is ALWAYS something important in the OOMs... or we're on crack.

So, as you might guess, this book is 'special' - no, not short bus special, important special. Not gonna reveal exactly what it is yet, because that would ruin the fun.

Facts about the book:

* it's leatherbound - from lambskin (thank you, David)
* the pages are yellowed parchment, but not brittle
* it's in an ancient language that doesn't look like anything any of the pups in the bar would have come into contact with - and yes, this includes Vampire Gump
* it has a subtle, but strong power to it that, if you are a magic user with an ability to sense such things, you can (ie: Harry can 'feel' it AND he knows that it's a White power, but David can't feel it - prolly b/c he gave up his magic)
* it's a 'good' book - White power - do with this as you will, but badness doesn't come to 'good guys' who play with the book
* it belongs to Michael since Carl gave it to him, but it's Carl's book; he'll get it back eventually

That being said, here's the gig...

Harry found it by the front door (b/c it's a weird book and it's following Michael around) shoulda read those OOMs
Harry will leave it somewhere, probably on the couch. So, the next person to sit on the couch can pick it up and browse through it (remember, s/he won't be able to actually READ it) and leave it somewhere else.

Feel free to kind of god the book around for a little bit. BUT if you end up with it in some obscure location like 'The Fort' or the hottub... make a new entrance post in the bar to say where it is so that an appropriate pup can stumble across it.

I'll try to give a head's up before Michael finds the book, because once Michael gets it, he won't let anyone else, but Stephen, near it. It's his book. He likes that book. Even though he can't read it either.

Stuff about the book will be revealed at a later date... We here at AU Milliways don't like to spoil all the surprises - just some of them. ;)

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