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Memorial Service thread is still open... though it's actually more a 'celebration of life' than a memorial... but that's Michael.

Please go add stuff... I have a pissed off angel inna head and he is really annoyed at the low turn-out.

Not forcing anyone to play, just Michael's being really cranky. Which isn't ever a good thing.

Think of it as character development.
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The thread for Nick's memorial is HERE

Please be sure to read both this post and the notes in the memorial post itself.


The thread is slowtimed w/ no difinitive end date, b/c of holidays and travelling and the like; feel free to post until whenever.

The service takes place at sunset in the clearing that Nick found long ago (not the burnt charred one that Lucifer just made).

There is a statue that Lucifer designed and carved from marble of a tiger stepping over/across a fallen log.

There are two separate threads beneath the main post:
* One is for the service itself, which takes place in complete silence for 1 hour. This is for everyone to remember the happiest times of their lives, be they with Nick, at Milliways, back home, on the moon, wherever. Please record pup memories in this thread.

* The second is for after the service has concluded where everyone can talk to each other or Nick and leave any gifts they may have brought, kicking the pedestal, yelling at Nick, whatever they feel is appropriate.

A warning - just so everyone is clear (yes, I was going to include this anyway, but it was prompted by my conversation with Lars too): doing anything during the service that is not standing still (or kneeling or sitting) and remembering in silence, will earn a pup a pissed off archangel's wrath. This, btw, is not fun. Please to not be encouraging the wrath of Lucifer. Once the service is over (once the hour is up) feel free to have fits and scream and what-have-you. Just, please, don't knock over the statue. See above re: wrath of the archangel. Believe me, Michael/Lucifer understands emotions and that some people are sad, some are angry, etc; but he also expects everyone to respect him during this and at least wait until the hour is up to yell or place gifts.

If you have questions, feel free to ping me (AIM: hghlnder2) or comment here (b/c gmail catches all) and I'll answer questions. I'm gonna be in and out a lot b/c of holiday prep-ing stuff, but I'll try to get to all the questions n' stuff.



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