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Original post of ideas is HERE...

The plot isn't limited to just THESE doors... and, I don't know if we're for sure including the [livejournal.com profile] silent_room_302 plots as part of the "Door Plot" - have to double check that one with she who is The Room. (ie: Danii)


as of THIS THREAD - Harry and David are locked in the closet behind The Door that Only Opens from the Outside.

Don't know how long they'll be in there, but please ping either Tracy or I before someone swings by to rescue them... just to make sure we've gotten 'em to where we need them before someone throws the door open.

And feel free to have pups play with the doors... just be sure to read the post about them first if you pick one of the ones from the idea post.

If you'd like to visit doors 7 or 13 - ping me or comment here. 7 is the 'true reflection' dimension and 13 is Van Helsing's hat... which I actually added as a joke, but if someone wants to walk around in his hat... ooooookay. ;)
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Because I am apparently insane...

According to David, here, there are two doors near Harry's room - the one on the right leads to nowhere... and the one on the left leads... well, he doesn't know. "Somewhere we don't want [Adam] going."

Feel free to play with this, and perhaps we can plot something at a later date!

excerpt from chat regarding The Doors )

Thoughts? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

[Edit]: Deb has put the door ideas into list format in the comments to save reading through chat transcript! Go Deb.



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