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I've put up a post in VH's LJ that has explanations for all of the Doors.

And this post has the floor and room numbers for the Doors.

Most of them do not require other mun or mod approval to use. It's mostly 'free-for-all' plot-cracktasticness.

Have fun! ;)
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Original List of Door Ideas (( a couple more have been added and a couple modifications have been made ))

None of this is mandatory - these are all just 'open for play'. The two with (*) asterisks are 'one-way' doors - ie: if you go through them - that's it. If explanation is needed beyond what is in the post linked above - comment here and Tracy or I will fill in the blanks. We're nuts - that's where this came from. Tracy made it up, I'm just uber!organizational and put it into an organized format.

I'll try to write up some explanations for the ones that aren't in the linked post, just for references.

Btw - is anyone good at fan art and wants to draw puppet versions of pups? whut? ;)

Door Floor Room#
To Backstage (like Spinal Tap) 1 19
To Candy Land 2 186
To a Holodeck 2 133
To Your Worst Fear 3 205
To Your Heart's Desire 3 207
That Goes Home* 4 347
To Milliways ([livejournal.com profile] otherways) 4 333
To the Don't Room 5 413
To Not!Home 5 476
To Your True Reflection 6 512
To the Video Game (Pac-Man, PitFall, Frogger) 6 555
To the Hypercube 7 606
To the Basement of the Louvre 7 671
Only Opens from the Outside 9 808
To the End of the Universe 10 999
To [livejournal.com profile] other_back_room 11 1011
To the Ball Pit 12 1111
To Nowhere 13 down the hall from Harry's cave
To the NeverNever 13 down the hall from Harry's cave
To Change Your Life* 13 down the hall from Harry's cave



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