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Okay - now that Harry's all back in the bar and the correct age, his previous memories are going to start coming back.

For the folks new to the land of Otherways - Harry left about a year ago, extremely broken and came back as a 7 y/o version of himself so that he could 'fix' his life and not spend nearly every day wanting to kill himself. (It was bad, just go with that.)

So, he's not 7 anymore (he's 37) and he's gonna have a LOT of stuff to deal with over the next month or so.

This next part mostly only affects people who knew the other Harry...

His memories will be triggered by different things - this includes the people he knew before - David, Stephen, Michael, Nick, etc - as well as things around the bar, like the painting of Chicago, fork-scratches in the walls and Adam's little toy city (which Harry has conveniently not seen yet).

None of this is going to be easy for Harry, so I'm asking if your pup knew Harry before and would like to talk to him, let me know so I can coordinate things. I'd rather not have Harry angst-out over everything at once - as well as dealing with the trauma of House's dad suddenly showing up to throw *that* out of whack - so, just a head's up to ask for a thread before throwing folks at him would be appreciated.

So far, what I have lined up is, possibly, Harry talking to Stephen tonight. Tuesdays are out (b/c Harry tends bar in Milliways on Tuesdays) and this Wednesday, unless stuff goes wacko - Harry and House are going to go find Harry's old room (there's a whole lot o' plot wrapped in that one).

So, yeah, if you wanna chat with Harry and you knew him before - excellent, just toss me a head's up first. ;)
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I'm putting this up in the back room b/c, really, anyone can be involved and most probably don't really know what's going on with Harry anyway. So, I have a minute or two here at work, so here we go:

What happened to Harry? He broke. A lot. As in, beyond repair, broken.

As a result: Harry is now a 7y/o boy.

What else? Well, there is some 'bad stuff' coming up in Harry's life that he's going to need to deal with; however, he is in need of a 'stand in family', if you will, as a group of people to go to when bad stuff happens.

Why? This is the big part - to keep him away from Justin DuMorne! This is the ultimate goal of this little 'Harry lives his life all over again' plot. If he ends up in the hands of Justin, that's it, game over, he'll never be fixed. (This, btw, is bad and will make his mun horribly sad b/c her likes to play Harry inna bar.) This doesn't mean that he will never have to face Justin. As a matter of fact, he *will* have to face him down at some point, as that's a huge turning point in the world of Harry, just preferably not as a 16 y/o kid escaping to save his own life (canon) or a 30 y/o man tired of being sexually abused and treated like dirt (other-canon).

I'm not going to uber-organize this since it's not hugely concrete and will take longer than a couple hours one night to play (ref to the VH Milli-werewolf plot, for those scratching their heads). But, what I would like, is an idea of those interested in:

a) being part of Harry's alternate family (alternate Malcolm is here, but Harry needs more)
b) being evil bastards trying to give Harry to Justin (b/c what's plot w/o conflict?)
c) being Harry's teacher(s) of magic (Ebenezer's already on this list)
d) being Harry's really close friends - be prepared to work hard if you choose this b/c Harry, while he likes people, tends to have trust issues and it will take a LOT to get him to trust someone enough to let them that close... also, keep in mind that this is a very important role for someone to have in Harry's life b/c this is probably the person he'll go to when the 'really bad stuff' (and the rare ocurrence of 'really good stuff') happens in his life

That's about as much structure as I'm putting into it right now. There are some key points that Harry's going to hit, I just don't want to lay them out here b/c there should be a small element of surprise involved.

Comments? Questions? Thoughts? Suggestions?

This is pretty open... jump in if you wanna play.



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