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Michael will be returning to the bar sometime very soon - ie: as soon as mun schedules coordinate and things can be played out accordingly.

However, upon his return, Michael will remember NOTHING of Milliways.

So - if he knew you before, be not surprised if he gives you a look or a sneer and demands, "Who the hell are you?"

He won't be remotely happy about being dragged - against his will - by Stephen back into the bar. He may actually become violent if provoked.

Any and all vampires or werewolves or persons containing enough evil to 'set off his senses' (which is almost everyone but Adam - use your own judgement and if you think I'm not sure, just mention it in the first tag if you tag him), should take care not to get on his bad side, as he will be highly volatile and the chance for injury or death may be great.

** Comment to this post if you are 100% sure you do NOT want your pup to be injured.

** Comment to this post if you want your pup to be killed. (I'm guessing there aren't many on this list, but just in case.)

This post is just a way of tossing out a warning:

Do NOT assume that just because a pup was Michael's friend before he left that the same holds true upon his return.

He will NOT remember anyone.

That being said, there are a couple pups he will recognize (that's 'recognize', not 'remember')-

Graham Dragory and Nick Knight - reasons undisclosed, but are known to the muns involved.

Comment if you have questions, understanding that VH-mun reserves the right to not answer if it may spoil plot. *g*



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