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Feb. 7th, 2006 05:17 pm
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As of this post, Padme ([livejournal.com profile] darksithsenator) is locked inside her closet, tied, gagged, blindfolded and cut off from the Force, as was mutually agreed upon by Padme!Mun and myself.

So, until further notice, Padme will be out of play, and Obi-Wan will growl profusely at any mention of her.
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I just realized that I didn't properly intro Other!Obi-Wan here.


( Follow the Fake LJ-Cut For Other!Obi-Wan )
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This post in WBR - is only for M'ways.

I'll be slacking off some of my RP in O'ways too, but the pups aren't going up on 'by request only' over here. Just there.

I think it's mostly just overload... but there are some other things I need to focus on too... so... yeah... not so much with the RP'age... but I'll still be playing here.
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We're still tweaking stuff, but here is where the PuppyPile resides:

Free Java Chat from Bravenet.com
 Free Java Chat from Bravenet.com

It's Java-based, so you might have to do some tweaking to get in.

If a majority of the muns can get in... we'll link 'er from the main pages. ;)

I also dl'd some code I'm gonna play with and see what I can do with it. This just means the chatroom might move, but for now, it's on Bravenet.

PLEASE!! Comment here if you have ANY problems getting into the chatroom!
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[This happened, but Wolverine doesn't remember: The events of X-Men and any alluded to previous events, through his departure from Xavier's School for Alkalai Lake. He arrives at Alkalai Lake and finds it apparently deserted. He is captured by the military research team that has been secretly working there since the place had been shut down nearly fifteen years ago. Stryker is still in charge and working on additional experiments and more than ecstatic that his 'pet project' has 'come home'.]

This is what he does remember: Wolverine has been at Alkalai Lake for the last several years - he's not sure how many; he's not sure of much at all. All memories of anything prior to his waking at Alkalai Lake after his capture have been erased or blacked-out and are inaccessible. He remembers nothing of the X-men or how he got back to Alkalai Lake. He does remember his previous time at Alkalai Lake when the initial experiments were performed and he remembers that escape, then there is blackness and he remembers waking up inside the facility again.

He's tired of the experiments, the trials, the tests... all of it. He's been plotting and planning and, finally, one day, makes his escape attempt...

...only to end up in Milliways.
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Harry's found a book. This may not seem all that interesting, HOWEVER, this is not just some random ordinary book. This is THE book that Carl gave Van Helsing over 100 years ago. The one Carl told him to keep, hold onto, leave in his little room in the deep dank basement of the Vatican so there was 'always a piece of him there'. That book. let me guess, you didn't actually READ the OOM's while he was gone, did you? bad bad ppl... you should know that with a plot this large there is ALWAYS something important in the OOMs... or we're on crack.

So, as you might guess, this book is 'special' - no, not short bus special, important special. Not gonna reveal exactly what it is yet, because that would ruin the fun.

Facts about the book:

* it's leatherbound - from lambskin (thank you, David)
* the pages are yellowed parchment, but not brittle
* it's in an ancient language that doesn't look like anything any of the pups in the bar would have come into contact with - and yes, this includes Vampire Gump
* it has a subtle, but strong power to it that, if you are a magic user with an ability to sense such things, you can (ie: Harry can 'feel' it AND he knows that it's a White power, but David can't feel it - prolly b/c he gave up his magic)
* it's a 'good' book - White power - do with this as you will, but badness doesn't come to 'good guys' who play with the book
* it belongs to Michael since Carl gave it to him, but it's Carl's book; he'll get it back eventually

That being said, here's the gig...

Harry found it by the front door (b/c it's a weird book and it's following Michael around) shoulda read those OOMs
Harry will leave it somewhere, probably on the couch. So, the next person to sit on the couch can pick it up and browse through it (remember, s/he won't be able to actually READ it) and leave it somewhere else.

Feel free to kind of god the book around for a little bit. BUT if you end up with it in some obscure location like 'The Fort' or the hottub... make a new entrance post in the bar to say where it is so that an appropriate pup can stumble across it.

I'll try to give a head's up before Michael finds the book, because once Michael gets it, he won't let anyone else, but Stephen, near it. It's his book. He likes that book. Even though he can't read it either.

Stuff about the book will be revealed at a later date... We here at AU Milliways don't like to spoil all the surprises - just some of them. ;)

no, the yellow towel icon has nothing to do with this post, it's just pretty
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Michael will be returning to the bar sometime very soon - ie: as soon as mun schedules coordinate and things can be played out accordingly.

However, upon his return, Michael will remember NOTHING of Milliways.

So - if he knew you before, be not surprised if he gives you a look or a sneer and demands, "Who the hell are you?"

He won't be remotely happy about being dragged - against his will - by Stephen back into the bar. He may actually become violent if provoked.

Any and all vampires or werewolves or persons containing enough evil to 'set off his senses' (which is almost everyone but Adam - use your own judgement and if you think I'm not sure, just mention it in the first tag if you tag him), should take care not to get on his bad side, as he will be highly volatile and the chance for injury or death may be great.

** Comment to this post if you are 100% sure you do NOT want your pup to be injured.

** Comment to this post if you want your pup to be killed. (I'm guessing there aren't many on this list, but just in case.)

This post is just a way of tossing out a warning:

Do NOT assume that just because a pup was Michael's friend before he left that the same holds true upon his return.

He will NOT remember anyone.

That being said, there are a couple pups he will recognize (that's 'recognize', not 'remember')-

Graham Dragory and Nick Knight - reasons undisclosed, but are known to the muns involved.

Comment if you have questions, understanding that VH-mun reserves the right to not answer if it may spoil plot. *g*
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We have some pups who app'd to Otherways, were approved, but not given posting access. This is bad, but this has been corrected.

Now, we wanna know if these pups are still interested in playing. If not, that's cool, we'll just have fun with these cool new dollies that look just like those pups. What happens if we stick this sharp pointy pin here? *eg*

Pups are:

[livejournal.com profile] seker_pride
[livejournal.com profile] pair_of_morons
[livejournal.com profile] mynameisbruce
[livejournal.com profile] fated_fox
[livejournal.com profile] boy_not_lost
[livejournal.com profile] bohowithcamera
[livejournal.com profile] bloody_tired
[livejournal.com profile] abtruse_wiggin

So, yes, no, maybe, pup no longer plays?

And to answer the question: "Does my pup have to be a milli-pup to play in O'ways?" - NO. That is no longer part of the requirements.
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Yeah, bet you didn't know that all those bits of sex n' stuff was plot related. Okay, not all of it, but any of it that wasn't with Stephen...

Anyway - as of this conversation Michael has told David that they won't be having of the sex. David was a smidge put off by this. And Michael's gonna find it increasingly harder to resist, but resist he will. Trouble is, he's gonna start getting really pissy - no, really pissy. Short-tempered and snappy. Possibly even with Stephen on ocassion. He won't really understand why for a week or so (or, whenever stuff plays out based on mun availabilities). He'll try to 'relieve' the lust overflow he keeps getting (which David is a part of too, it's just neither of them has any idea why) with Stephen, but it won't really work. So, this will all lead to Michael pretty much exploding and grabbing our illustrious head of security for help - desperate help and he won't be happy about any of it - he hates asking for help and he'll already be in a bad mood from all the 'stuff'.

This is all leading up to the bigger plot I have planned for Michael (the guy is like angst-city, I tell ya) - which will involve lots and lots of Stephen - tho, not lots of naked Stephen, which the Michael in my head would much prefer.

So - the point - if Michael starts snapping at pups - it's for a reason and not because he doesn't like them; he's just having 'issues' and has no idea how to control any of it w/o fucking David - which he doesn't want to do b/c he's absolutely convinced that Stephen is annoyed by it (whether he actually is or not). It's complicated-like and hard, but it's fun too. So, snippy Michael, but plot-related.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Random thoughts on the matter?



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