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I'm not up for starting a whole community for this, b/c I'm not the type to actually remember to regularly work the thing, so I'm just gonna, when I have the urge to do so, post an Other-secret post here in the backroom for the pups to post their secrets.

And, starting with this post, I'm gonna run it pretty much like [livejournal.com profile] textsecret does - 1) submission post for anonymous comments; then in a day or 2) Secrets post w/ them all listed from 1 - whatever.

I don't think we'll do the guessing thing, but if pups wanna fess up or muns want to reveal for things like 'this is something Stephen or Nick or so-and-so would know', then that's fine.

But when you tag this post - tag anonymously - then I'll put all the submissions together and put 'em in another post later.

So - submit away! It's all for fun... no obligation to play along at all.

(( I'd screen the comments, but all the mods/maintainers can see them anyway, and since there are 4 of us, that doesn't make much sense. Unless you want me to screen them, then I will.))
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or something.

I've come up with a way to fix the broken wizard. It involves one of these 'magic' doors we've come up with - well, actually it's a door that wasn't listed, but it works along the same lines. This is "The Door to Change Your Life".
more beyond here )


If anyone ABSOLUTELY and SPECIFICALLY wants to be around when Harry comes back - please let me know for great planning purposes... keeping in mind that Mondays and Tuesdays are pretty much out and even on weekends, I'm not usually on until later.

ETA: Yes, I did cut the post so the ETA would show up higher on the page... anyway - if stuff goes well, Harry will leave the bar tonight - (02/01/06) - and return this weekend (b/c I'm an impatient thing and lurve my pup and he's gone chatty all of a sudden) - if this is a problem for anyone, I'm game for slowtiming Harry's return to accomdate anyone who wants to talk to him when he comes back.
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Just a little bit on what's going on with Harry, why he's not around and why he's being a royal shit lately:

The deal with Harry )
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Since David's post is a few posts back...

Jim's 20 Things Meme List

I have a couple others written up, just not typed up for easy c/p...

I'll get to them. *g*


Jan. 9th, 2006 05:49 pm
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Memorial Service thread is still open... though it's actually more a 'celebration of life' than a memorial... but that's Michael.

Please go add stuff... I have a pissed off angel inna head and he is really annoyed at the low turn-out.

Not forcing anyone to play, just Michael's being really cranky. Which isn't ever a good thing.

Think of it as character development.
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This isn't a mod post... just a bunch of stuff that jumped in my head when I was supposed to be working but just couldn't focus... so, I present them to you as a list of updates to 'things to know about the Other-Bar'

This post - has some refresher information.

But it requires a few additions and updates -

update #1 - outside stuff

Just outside the back door - off to the right - is the fort that Adam, Harry and David built. It's blue and has other things painted on it - I don't remember what, but I'm sure Tracy can dig up the thread that has the RP for it and let us know. *g*

It's a pretty big fort - more like a 'play house' - grown people will fit if they sit down and there are pillows and blankets stuff inside for coziness.

But, the #1 rule about the blue fort out back: NO SEX IN THE FORT

It is the one completely sex-free zone in the entire bar and surrounding area.

update #2 - The Bar

Headbartenders: Sara Sidle and David Talbot

New Bartenders: Remus Lupin (let me know if there are others)

Wait Staff: Tina (she has been, she was just left off the last post)

The Bar - may or may not still be connected to Nick (need info from Danii on this one)

Food - there isn't a supply of food in the kitchens any longer, unless someone is interested in jumping up as a 'chef' to fill in while Nick's away. ((No, David, you may not have this job... you burn water.))

update #3 - Security

Security: Michael's head of Security now; Zeke and Jack Knight are on staff and Adam and 'Po are still 'smut regulators'

However - Michael may be adding to the staff in the near future (ie: when mun has a few minutes and Michael gets back from his, as yet, not RP'd vacation - we'll get to it, just have 'stuff' right now) - so, if there are interested pups, comment here. 'Po will probably be 'promoted' since he's older now and he's a wizard/sorcerer - which could be helpful.

Cells: Sara had the bar add a small set of cells (like, there might be 4) in the back, behind the Staff corridor. They're described in a post here.

Additions? Removals? Other stuff?
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Referenced thread is here.

Harry's not doing so well... mentally. When Nick died it released a lot of psychic energy and it kind of hit Harry - hard. He wasn't in the best place emotionally when it happened, so it took every ounce of energy that he had to keep his mind together just to sit in his room for a few days and then come downstairs.

((Yes, this is a 'make-it-up-as-I-go' kind of thing; didn't plot this out, but I did discover that I couldn't play Harry exactly the same as he had come in, for several reasons, and this kinda 'popped' up at me.))

He was okay until the 'lots of David poking'; he was actually doing fine with the poking... he was irritated, but still slightly stable. It was the David-kiss that threw him over.

Now, he's kind of a jumbled mess - his memories are a mix of 19 y/o Harry and current Harry and he's having a hard time telling the difference. As in, right now, he's deathly afraid that Justin's coming to punish him b/c he's been talking to people. He's not supposed to be talking to anyone w/o permission. Keep in mind, at 19, Harry's just tried to run away about 4 years ago - and he did it right too, had the cops been looking, they wouldn't have found him, but Justin was looking and it took him a little longer than he would've liked, but he found Harry and there was punishment beyond that. So, Harry has good reason to be scared.

Mentally, right now, Harry's 19. He doesn't realize this, of course, he just knows that if Justin finds out that he's not where he's supposed to be, he'll get in a lot of trouble.

In other words: be on the look-out for whitetext / alt-colored text in Harry's posts and tags. And keep in mind that his conscience is going to start showing up a lot again (it appears in blue italics).

I don't know how Harry's gonna get fixed yet - still working that part out - just thought people should be aware of Harry's 'situation'.
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The thread for Nick's memorial is HERE

Please be sure to read both this post and the notes in the memorial post itself.


The thread is slowtimed w/ no difinitive end date, b/c of holidays and travelling and the like; feel free to post until whenever.

The service takes place at sunset in the clearing that Nick found long ago (not the burnt charred one that Lucifer just made).

There is a statue that Lucifer designed and carved from marble of a tiger stepping over/across a fallen log.

There are two separate threads beneath the main post:
* One is for the service itself, which takes place in complete silence for 1 hour. This is for everyone to remember the happiest times of their lives, be they with Nick, at Milliways, back home, on the moon, wherever. Please record pup memories in this thread.

* The second is for after the service has concluded where everyone can talk to each other or Nick and leave any gifts they may have brought, kicking the pedestal, yelling at Nick, whatever they feel is appropriate.

A warning - just so everyone is clear (yes, I was going to include this anyway, but it was prompted by my conversation with Lars too): doing anything during the service that is not standing still (or kneeling or sitting) and remembering in silence, will earn a pup a pissed off archangel's wrath. This, btw, is not fun. Please to not be encouraging the wrath of Lucifer. Once the service is over (once the hour is up) feel free to have fits and scream and what-have-you. Just, please, don't knock over the statue. See above re: wrath of the archangel. Believe me, Michael/Lucifer understands emotions and that some people are sad, some are angry, etc; but he also expects everyone to respect him during this and at least wait until the hour is up to yell or place gifts.

If you have questions, feel free to ping me (AIM: hghlnder2) or comment here (b/c gmail catches all) and I'll answer questions. I'm gonna be in and out a lot b/c of holiday prep-ing stuff, but I'll try to get to all the questions n' stuff.
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Michael is going to plan a memorial service for Nick. (I've cleared this with Danii.) I don't know exactly what he's planning to do, but it'll be later this week, probably slowtimed.

This is very important to him and he will tolerate NO disrespect whatsoever. He's not in a fabulous mood to begin with and that would just push him over the edge. (The man has a temper about the length of the broken tip of a pencil.) He does, however, think this will be beneficial to the patrons of the bar.

He'll organize details and make arrangements and the like and let people know.

Questions, comments, etc... lemme know and I'll respond in the morning... I'm going to bed... ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz
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Original post of ideas is HERE...

The plot isn't limited to just THESE doors... and, I don't know if we're for sure including the [livejournal.com profile] silent_room_302 plots as part of the "Door Plot" - have to double check that one with she who is The Room. (ie: Danii)


as of THIS THREAD - Harry and David are locked in the closet behind The Door that Only Opens from the Outside.

Don't know how long they'll be in there, but please ping either Tracy or I before someone swings by to rescue them... just to make sure we've gotten 'em to where we need them before someone throws the door open.

And feel free to have pups play with the doors... just be sure to read the post about them first if you pick one of the ones from the idea post.

If you'd like to visit doors 7 or 13 - ping me or comment here. 7 is the 'true reflection' dimension and 13 is Van Helsing's hat... which I actually added as a joke, but if someone wants to walk around in his hat... ooooookay. ;)


Dec. 8th, 2005 07:03 pm
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Harry's paid time ran out... this is truly most distressing as the only icons he has left to use now are the default, the 'quiet' one and the one from Halloween. Milliways Halloween at that....
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Aye - 'tis time to reveal the 'who's who' behind all the secrets...

Just add a comment with the #'s to the ones that belong to your pups...

all the sekrits are listed behind this cut - again )
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Remember THIS POST?

Well, now we're gonna try to guess who everyone is. Stephen, you're not allowed to play b/c you already know. *G* Ahem... everyone else... guess away.

Just list the number of the Secret and the pup to whom you think it belongs.

We'll have a 'reveal' post at the end of the week.

all the sekrits are listed behind this cut )
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OKay, so, since Tracy and I were just not in the RP-mode tonight, we were poking around in other places on LJ... [livejournal.com profile] textsecret being one of them. This, of course, leads to these little meme things we all love so much. (Because we don't want to start a whole community to have to maintain... I'm too lazy for that and I don't think we need it.)

So, just for fun...

Remember, this is IC secrets...

Anonymously post secrets in text format.

The rules for this are like the rules for text secret...

1. Secret must be about the character who is posting.
2. Do not name any other characters in the secret.
3. No hate speech.
4. 300 word max.
5. No flames.
6. No telling / guessing. (We'll actually do this later.)

Feel free to add comments to the 'secrets' in a 'discussion' format - either OOC or IC, though I think IC would be more fun.

[yes... michael made me use that icon, b/c he thinks i must be for doing this...]
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The pre-Thanksgiving dinner party-like post is HERE. It's slowtimed and will be open all weekend... yes - 4 whole days!

It works like the bar-wide party posts that you may have seen in [livejournal.com profile] milliways_bar - each pup posts in as a reply to the main thread, then other pups tag beneath that one and can post in w/ their own replies for others to come talk to them.

BAR-WIDE pre-dinner post!

Have fun!! They'll sit down for dinner later this weekend... ;)
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I hate the f'ing rain!

Every fucking time it rains... a) the wireless doesn't work and b) the fucking phone line goes out...

so - rather than attempt to kill myself using other means of connectivity... I'm not gonna be online tonight unless the rain goes away and the wireless decides to work

(on dad's PC now and he'll need it when he gets home, so no sense starting up any RP stuff tonight)

I'll go find something to do...

stupid fucking rain
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Just b/c this is rolling around in my head and Harry won't shut up until I post this...

Um.... until teen!Adam is mostly not inna bar... Harry will be seriously scarce in the main bar itself or anywhere that teen!Adam might show up.

As for why? Uh - b/c Harry = not stable enough to handle something like that just yet. He's still working on wrapping his head around 'full-time adult relationship not based fully on sex' and the fact that there's a 5 1/2 year old kid who clings to him like a clinging thing. If he were to spot a 15 year old version of a kid he knows and if he were to find out that in teen!Adam's world, there is still a Harry/Bethany relationship and it's been that way for 10 years - Harry's head might explode. He's just got a LOT going on in his head/life/world right now... if any of the current teen!Adam things came up - including the rel'ship with Simon - I think Harry would run away to Chicago and not risk coming back. Which... would be bad.

Maybe Harry will shut up now.
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* He's the MacGyver from canon!Mac's "old west" dreams. He's got the bushy mustache and the floppy hat; that odd manner of speech with the 'cowboy'-like accent and he's slightly sepia-toned all the time.

* He's not at all modern, so he doesn't know about cars and computers and fancy things like that; he knows nothing of vampires or angels or wizards - 'cept what folks tell in stories; he's just an ordinary guy trying to keep his ranch running - though he can't seem to find the thing now (once he's in Milliways, that is).

* Milliways is where MacGyver lives when canon!Mac isn't dreaming about being him.

* He's never been to the bar before, because he didn't exist until canon!Mac dreamed him up in the episode "Serenity"; however, canon!Mac did dream up a little bit of backstory for the guy - (other!)MacGyver has just finished with the Army, gave his gun to a fellow traveller and received a multi-bladed knife the man made in exchange. So, he's an ex-soldier who fought in the Civil War (War Between the States, whatever you wanna call it) and he's moved to Serenity, Montana to start over; just working his ranch and being himself.

* He comes to Milliways just after the dream events of the episode "Serenity": he has his ranch; he's faced off against (dream)Murdoc and he now gets along all right with the Sherriff (Deputy, Mayor, whoever) of the town; he's a 'fix it' man, helping out where he can and just 'invents' stuff from whatever's lying around. (Feel free to have pups leave things in visible places that MacGyver would find interesting and put to use in some 'new-fangled contraption'.)

* Mostly, Milliways will just look like a bar to him and he'll only be able to leave when canon!Mac is dreaming about living in the old west, so MacGyver will spend a bit of time wondering where the hell his ranch is and being a little intimidated by the 'magical' bar.


Nov. 11th, 2005 11:22 am
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As of this post Harry has a new room. Granted, he only moved one door down and he still occupies the old room - it's become his lab and it's sort of Bob's room now - he just didn't want to stay there anymore, so he moved.
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cheerleader!Jarod decorated, with help from David, the bar in orange and black crepe paper streamers...

they're everywhere... hanging from the rafters and strung across the ceiling.

He's even put up a big banner, painted in big cheerleader-style bubble letters, that reads:


David made papier mache masks and there might be glitter and paint on the floor if any 'missed' the drop cloth.

He told David he wanted to have a party too...



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