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Michael's gonna be hit with a spell that will take his voice. However, this spell will have an interesting side-effect - it will allow him to hear all the thoughts of the sentient beings in the bar.

No, it's not mandatory to participate. It is a good chance for cracky (or breaky) character development, though.

Yes, this is a rip from the BtVS episode "Earshot".

No, Michael will not be actively reading anyone.

Yes, he will be able to hear vampires.

Yes, if canon allows, a pup may 'block' his/her/its thoughts.

No, I don't know how it will be 'undone' yet. b/c i haven't thought that far.

Yes, if you have ideas for that last one, I'm open to suggestions.

How this works:

To simplify things, after it happens, I'll put up a post for folks to tag in w/ the thoughts they want Michael to hear. There will be one each day for as long as the plot goes on and it will be labeled for plot.

In this post, I'd like people to put what they'd like Michael to hear about their pups. If there's a specific thread or reference, leave that too.

Michael will then have a regular entrance post for people to talk to him - keep in mind, he'll have to write things down to talk back - and he'll 'hear' things. During these threads - pups can 'think' things that Michael can hear too.

I'll post in here when the first 'thoughts' post is put up.

Questions? Thoughts?
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Yeah, bet you didn't know that all those bits of sex n' stuff was plot related. Okay, not all of it, but any of it that wasn't with Stephen...

Anyway - as of this conversation Michael has told David that they won't be having of the sex. David was a smidge put off by this. And Michael's gonna find it increasingly harder to resist, but resist he will. Trouble is, he's gonna start getting really pissy - no, really pissy. Short-tempered and snappy. Possibly even with Stephen on ocassion. He won't really understand why for a week or so (or, whenever stuff plays out based on mun availabilities). He'll try to 'relieve' the lust overflow he keeps getting (which David is a part of too, it's just neither of them has any idea why) with Stephen, but it won't really work. So, this will all lead to Michael pretty much exploding and grabbing our illustrious head of security for help - desperate help and he won't be happy about any of it - he hates asking for help and he'll already be in a bad mood from all the 'stuff'.

This is all leading up to the bigger plot I have planned for Michael (the guy is like angst-city, I tell ya) - which will involve lots and lots of Stephen - tho, not lots of naked Stephen, which the Michael in my head would much prefer.

So - the point - if Michael starts snapping at pups - it's for a reason and not because he doesn't like them; he's just having 'issues' and has no idea how to control any of it w/o fucking David - which he doesn't want to do b/c he's absolutely convinced that Stephen is annoyed by it (whether he actually is or not). It's complicated-like and hard, but it's fun too. So, snippy Michael, but plot-related.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Random thoughts on the matter?



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