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This is being offered as a bit of an explanation of some stuff that needs to happen for little Harry's plot to work out right...

The ultimate goal for Harry's little 'change his life' turnaround is for him to - change his life. This, however, is not possible without key influential scenarios taking place. No, this isn't putting specific pressure on anyone in particular, but there are some people who should interact with Harry while he's younger and forming strong opinions / feelings about them.

A little explanation about where Harry was BEFORE he left - he was angry. Very very angry. At a lot of people - some of it probably well-warranted, some of it, possibly not. Either way - his view of the world wasn't spectacular before all the events that changed him just the tiny bit he did change, and it was even less so just before he walked out.

He was angry at Bethany, at David, at Michael, at Stephen, at the world - b/c he ran out of people to blame for his life sucking. His perspective was that after everything he'd done and been through - they were all liars. Nothing they said was true - from his perspective.

The explanations are next, but please, keep in mind, this is all Harry's perspective. It doesn't matter what was ACTUALLY going on - this is how Harry saw things and, at the time, there was precious little that would've changed his mind.

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All of that to get to the point:

For Harry to be able to handle all of that anger properly when he's about 35 and all those old memories come back, some of those people need to have positive interactions with him while he's still young.

This isn't to force anyone to RP against Harry, just some info to, possibly, encourage some interaction. So far, about the only person from all of that he's talked to is David and he's as infuriating as ever. Partly, b/c I think ickle!Harry is picking up on David seeing him as a smaller version of someone else, and it's kind of frustrating him.

And, just to add in, here's what I, the mun, want out of this situation with Harry - I want Harry to be able to interact with people on a non-asshole level. Not exactly the same as canon - b/c after all the things from before, he CAN'T be canon!Harry - no matter how hard he tries. He won't be a wizard-detective. I don't want him to be. However, if his personality is closer to that, fantastic. I want him to be likable.

The key is - Harry's life after his father dies HAS to be much more positive than it was previously. If he's left alone to fend for himself and deal with the death on his own and left in a corner, this whole gig won't work.

So, now that there's all that - is there anyone who wants to talk to Harry before he decides he needs to go home and see his dad and the magic show?
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Just a little bit on what's going on with Harry, why he's not around and why he's being a royal shit lately:

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