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I'm not up for starting a whole community for this, b/c I'm not the type to actually remember to regularly work the thing, so I'm just gonna, when I have the urge to do so, post an Other-secret post here in the backroom for the pups to post their secrets.

And, starting with this post, I'm gonna run it pretty much like [livejournal.com profile] textsecret does - 1) submission post for anonymous comments; then in a day or 2) Secrets post w/ them all listed from 1 - whatever.

I don't think we'll do the guessing thing, but if pups wanna fess up or muns want to reveal for things like 'this is something Stephen or Nick or so-and-so would know', then that's fine.

But when you tag this post - tag anonymously - then I'll put all the submissions together and put 'em in another post later.

So - submit away! It's all for fun... no obligation to play along at all.

(( I'd screen the comments, but all the mods/maintainers can see them anyway, and since there are 4 of us, that doesn't make much sense. Unless you want me to screen them, then I will.))
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Aye - 'tis time to reveal the 'who's who' behind all the secrets...

Just add a comment with the #'s to the ones that belong to your pups...

all the sekrits are listed behind this cut - again )
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Remember THIS POST?

Well, now we're gonna try to guess who everyone is. Stephen, you're not allowed to play b/c you already know. *G* Ahem... everyone else... guess away.

Just list the number of the Secret and the pup to whom you think it belongs.

We'll have a 'reveal' post at the end of the week.

all the sekrits are listed behind this cut )
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OKay, so, since Tracy and I were just not in the RP-mode tonight, we were poking around in other places on LJ... [livejournal.com profile] textsecret being one of them. This, of course, leads to these little meme things we all love so much. (Because we don't want to start a whole community to have to maintain... I'm too lazy for that and I don't think we need it.)

So, just for fun...

Remember, this is IC secrets...

Anonymously post secrets in text format.

The rules for this are like the rules for text secret...

1. Secret must be about the character who is posting.
2. Do not name any other characters in the secret.
3. No hate speech.
4. 300 word max.
5. No flames.
6. No telling / guessing. (We'll actually do this later.)

Feel free to add comments to the 'secrets' in a 'discussion' format - either OOC or IC, though I think IC would be more fun.

[yes... michael made me use that icon, b/c he thinks i must be for doing this...]



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