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This isn't a mod post... just a bunch of stuff that jumped in my head when I was supposed to be working but just couldn't focus... so, I present them to you as a list of updates to 'things to know about the Other-Bar'

This post - has some refresher information.

But it requires a few additions and updates -

update #1 - outside stuff

Just outside the back door - off to the right - is the fort that Adam, Harry and David built. It's blue and has other things painted on it - I don't remember what, but I'm sure Tracy can dig up the thread that has the RP for it and let us know. *g*

It's a pretty big fort - more like a 'play house' - grown people will fit if they sit down and there are pillows and blankets stuff inside for coziness.

But, the #1 rule about the blue fort out back: NO SEX IN THE FORT

It is the one completely sex-free zone in the entire bar and surrounding area.

update #2 - The Bar

Headbartenders: Sara Sidle and David Talbot

New Bartenders: Remus Lupin (let me know if there are others)

Wait Staff: Tina (she has been, she was just left off the last post)

The Bar - may or may not still be connected to Nick (need info from Danii on this one)

Food - there isn't a supply of food in the kitchens any longer, unless someone is interested in jumping up as a 'chef' to fill in while Nick's away. ((No, David, you may not have this job... you burn water.))

update #3 - Security

Security: Michael's head of Security now; Zeke and Jack Knight are on staff and Adam and 'Po are still 'smut regulators'

However - Michael may be adding to the staff in the near future (ie: when mun has a few minutes and Michael gets back from his, as yet, not RP'd vacation - we'll get to it, just have 'stuff' right now) - so, if there are interested pups, comment here. 'Po will probably be 'promoted' since he's older now and he's a wizard/sorcerer - which could be helpful.

Cells: Sara had the bar add a small set of cells (like, there might be 4) in the back, behind the Staff corridor. They're described in a post here.

Additions? Removals? Other stuff?



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